Teamwork is Magic (or Things What I have done Learned 3)

by sarahtwonames

With Module 3 all done and dusted, much like my Mother’s Christmas shopping in November, it seems apt to have a review. So gather round my digital open fire and grab yourself a binary chestnut.

This module’s topic was multi-channel planning. For those of you who don’t speak marketingese I shall elaborate. Channel=a means of communicating with one’s target audience. A few examples of channels are email, display advertising, mobile, or social media. Therefore multi-channel planning= using a variety of channels in a strategic manner to capture one’s target audience, and once you have their attention, using said channels to persuade them to do what you want. There really is no way of dressing up that last bit. 

The course content, Brian Solis, Google et al can wang on as much as they like about the importance of communicating and engaging with your community, and making sure you meet your audience at their Zero Moment of Truth, but it’s all a means to an end. We are all Don Draper dropping the truth-bomb “It’s toasted” to an astounded board room. The only difference in the digital age is that our audience can spot the lipstick of a dodgy campaign on our pristine starched collars a mile off and call us out. Publicly and loudly (British Gas anyone?). Betty Draper they are not.

However, I digress.  I learnt many a thing. There are multitudes of display advert formats, including the ultra-cool new kids on the block, rich media ads. Strategy tends to be common sense with buzzwords thrown in for good measure. I should never be allowed near an AdWords campaign. Does. Not. Compute. But the greatest thing I learnt was this: teamwork is magic.

Before Squared Online, teamwork was a thing I dreaded. It inevitably involved me, a chronically organised and committed individual, jollying along several infinitely less bothered people (the jollying tended to morph into dictatorship to make the deadline). So, I approached the first group project (Module 2) with a truck load of trepidation.  The thing is, something remarkable happens when you all want to be there. I believe the marketingese for this is “synergy”.

Ridiculous terminology aside, it really was great working with a group of people (TGT Ltd to be precise) who had your back and make you laugh (in a good way) to boot. I’m writing about this now as my team really hit its stride during this module. The Module 2 project was awesome, but it was overshadowed slightly by us getting to know each other and figuring out the group dynamic. Cue Module 3 project.

Our task was to come up with a digital multi-channel strategy for a fake hair dye. With all the “getting to know you” stuff out of the way we were able to just crack on with it. And because we had the group dynamic down, we pulled off some epic #nosilo action. We did have assigned tasks, but we were all able to help/advise/contribute to each other’s work without stepping on any toes. I didn’t really help with AdWords though, that would have been a disaster. Thank you TGT Ltd for understanding that I did a French degree, and therefore should never be allowed near numbers under any circumstance. Not even in la belle langue.

The end of Module 3 spelled the end of TGT Ltd (in its official capacity). But I still have its magic in my pockets and its laughter in my ears, ready to fling (in a spirit of friendship and collaboration, of course) at my new group.

Whether they like it or not.

p.s. A little festive cheer from this Trekker to you, dear reader: