Why hello there! You’ve stumbled upon my blog! “And what is the purpose of this blog?” I here you cry! Its original purpose was to reflect upon digital marketing and keep a record of my experiences of the Squared Online digital marketing course. With the course done and dusted, the blog will still cogitate upon digital marketing, but it reserves its right to follow the muse, wherever she may lead. Now it might be worth disclosing a little something about me to you, dear reader.

I graduated in 2013 from the University of London Institute in Paris with a degree in French studies, so I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m on a digital marketing course. Especially since I spent my degree learning the sacrosanct Marxist theory of French history, that reading makes little girls’ heads explode according to 19th century French authors, and that France is in denial about a lot of things.

I got into the social media lark thanks to an e-mail carpet-bombing campaign I launched to get some gainful employment.  Although it was not gainful, I was given the job of editorial contributor at Blimey! Boutique , which is a pop-up shop which has popped down for the moment. This set me on the path that lead me to this WordPress “Edit Page” interface.

When I’m not learning, job hunting (hint hint) or trying to be an adult, I can be found baking, geeking out (and trying to ignore the lure of my Xbox) or dreaming of being a financially independent cat-lady.

So there you have it dear reader; an insight to a slightly warped mind still continuing the student dream after the loan has long gone. If you haven’t been put off, feel free to find me in the Twittersphere.